November Update:

For the months of Nov/Dec we are collecting food for local children to be distributed before the Thanksgiving and Christmas break. We will donate what we have before Thanksgiving and then start collecting again for Christmas. Please make sure the items donated are those that Elementary age kids can open and prepare! (Easy open cans with pop tops, or simple meals like Mac and Cheese. Peanut butter, juice boxes, snack foods work well also.) Sometimes these children are left at home to cook meals for themselves with no help.
We hope to have our lists available on Sunday for our Christmas gifts! We will have families and/or individuals for you to sponsor this year. Some are local and some are in KY. We will announce more about this on Sunday. We will still provide a meal for each KY family sponsored. If you would rather make a donation, the mission committee will make sure we use it for meals or gifts.
If you have any questions please see someone on the missions committee!

October Update:

For the rest of the month, the missions committee will be collecting gloves, scarfs, etc for our Christmas gifts. We are working on a list of families that we will be adopting for Christmas this year. These families will be from Alamance/Caswell area and Lynch, Kentucky. We should have the list ready in the next couple of weeks and will make an announcement then. Please think and pray about if you want to adopt a family and let us know so that we can know how many families we plan to adopt!
Just a reminder that Sunday September 1st, is the deadline for school supplies for our local schools!
We have contacts in several Alamance/caswell area schools who are going to distribute for us. If you have any supplies on hand that you haven’t dropped off and can bring them on Wednesday, the youth and children are going to start packing the bookbags! We have 48 bookbags that were ordered by the missions team along with additional supplies that we are adding to the bags.
If you have already donated, the Missions team wants to send out a HUGE THANK YOU!! We have a table (that’s overflowing!!) of supplies that you have donated and we are so thankful!
August Request:
For the month of August, our missions committee is collecting school supplies for several local schools in the Alamance/Caswell area.


  • headphones/earbuds
  • marbled composition book
  • zipper pencil pouch or box
  • glue sticks
  • notebook paper
  • crayons/colored pencils/markers
  • scissors
  • #2 pencils
  • pocket folders w/ prongs
  • erasers
  • dry erase markers
  • pens
  • 1’’ binders, 2’’ binders
  • spiral notebook (single subject)
  • lunch box
  • bookbag
  • kleneex
  • clorox wipes
  • tab dividers
  • highlighters
  • pencil sharpeners
June Request:
For the month of June we will be collecting personal hygiene items! We already have enough deodorant so anything other than that would be great. (Hair brush, soap, shampoo, even hairbows, etc). There are boxes in both buildings.
If you still have items for last month, just drop those in too. (Small toys, coloring books and crayons) Thank you so much for your generous donations!