July Update from Siloam Mission Homes

Praying is not a ‘one-way’ street

From the President

  Dear Friends,

I pray that this letter finds you all doing well. I would like to start by saying we appreciate so much your ongoing prayers and financial support for Joyce and I, and for the ministry of Siloam Missionary Homes. The Lord has truly surrounded us with brothers and sisters in the Lord, and you are a part of that.   Since our last update it has been a huge encouragement to have work teams helping on the campus. So much has been done! Many of you have felt the effects of this ongoing heat wave that has put extreme stress on all the HVAC units. We have had a lot of extra expense keeping these running this year. Like people, they need constant maintenance.   We also thank the Lord for all of our missionary families. Last week a new missionary family from Brazil arrived that was so blessed by their home. The husband said, “When we walked into the house after a long trip and saw the home God had provided our family, we immediately went into the living room and thanked the Lord for Siloam Missionary Homes.” When I have a family that says things like this, I wish you could have been here to hear this for yourself. This family needs a place to rest. The wife had a very difficult pregnancy and with the busyness of missionary work, they desperately needed to get away. We may never know the full impact of what providing missionary housing has on missionaries this side of heaven, but I wanted you to know how you can pray. Thank you for your prayers, we are praying for you too. Prayer is not a one-way street!
In His Service,
Larry George, President
Joy Baptist Church brought a work team to put up a much needed tractor shed.
Joy Bapt 1