Christmas 2022

Glencoe Baptist.

I would ask for your prayer support

December 25 Christmas day service.

Many people attend church services that day.

Please Pray for the Preaching to be effective.

Honoring to God.

Edifying to the believers.

The gospel to be preached in and with the power of the Holy Spirit.

God will save sinners.

Thank you.

Allan Knowles

December 2022



May I please ask for your prayer support.

I am going to be calling several churches, with whom I have No contact and I am Not known by them.

We have a class in this Town and are keen to enlist a new intake of students for the new course starting 16 January.

Our difficulty is that December is the month Churches are busy with their Christmas programs, Church activities winds down, and it’s the summer vacation time for most people.

Church activities only resume by the third week of January.

I am asking for your prayers as I approach Pastors about allowing me a 10 Minute time slot to do a presentation to promote our training class.

  1. The Lord alone can open these doors.

  2. The Lord will give me the contact with Pastors.

  3. The Lord challenge people and ignite a desire for the study of the Bible.

  4. The Lord will engender and connect me with Key Pastors who have influence in their Town.

Thank you for your diligence in praying with me.
Christian greetings.
Allan Knowles

September 2022

Glencoe Baptist.
I would ask for your prayers, Please.
I have preaching & speaking:
Thursday 29 Sept – I Address a group of Businessmen on the importance of prayer.
Sunday 2 Oct – Worship service.
Tuesday 4 Oct. The importance on Bible distribution
Please pray that the preaching will be used by God to expand his kingdom.
Thank you.
Allan Knowles



July 2022

Glencoe Baptist.
I am in Uganda until 1 July. Praise the Lord for my health.
I am preaching Sunday in a church where one of its key leaders dropped dead this week.
It has impacted this struggling Church.
Pray for my message to be used of the Lord.
Thank you.
Allan K


June 2022

Glencoe Baptist.
My Passport is ready for collection.
It will require most of a day to wait in line for it. Thank you for the prayers in this regard.
My current passport is still valid for my trip to Uganda 24 June to 1 July.
I would ask for your prayers for this trip.
My health, safety.
I arrive in Kampala Uganda 2 AM 25 June after clearing immigration, it’s an hour drive to where i am staying.
My return flight 1 July departs 4 AM. I would have to be at the airport 1 AM
My preaching service 3 July.
Thank you.
Allan Knowles

May 2022

UPDATE Wed, May 11, 12:35 PM
Glencoe Baptist.

I have not had any progress with my passport application. There are two ways of doing it. One is an online application, if SUCCESSFUL you can go to ONE of Four Bank in the State. I have tried this route and have had no response.
the other option is to stand in line from 4 AM and hope you make the first 100 people to accept.

Tomorrow I am going to go to the bank where they accept online applications. You cannot go their with out an appointment. I do not have one. I am going in the hope that I will meet some official who is considerate and helpful.

The other option is to Join the Line at 4 AM.
That’s where I am at this moment. Please continue to pray for the situation.

thank you.

Allan Knowles


April 2022

Glencoe Baptist

I need to ask for urgent prayer.

I have to apply for a new passport.

I NEED God to Intervene for an appointment ASAP.

The process is Painfully slow. It means I go to a office ,and wait in a Line of people from 5.30 AM . They only accept 200 applications out of 400 people who applies every day. You wait in a Line with no facilities to use. you could be their all day and not make the cut.

The other option is to do it online, which i have attempted to do. But they only accept appointments every two weeks. It means going online everyday to check for a date. their is only one place to do it. Every body is trying to get an appointment.

Please pray that I get an appointment ASAP.

I have to travel to Uganda in June.

Please pray .

Thank you.

Allan Knowles

Glencoe Baptist
Pandemic has caused disruptions to and curtailed ministry endeavors.
Our government has indicated we can expect a 5th wave of Covid in May this year.
Pray for wisdom to lead our training wisely.
Pray for a teaching series for three Sundays the end of March to April 10.
Its an overview of the Old Testament.
Pray for the Scripture to impact and transform people, for the reading and study of the Scriptures
Pray for the classes that will commence the end of March.
Pray for the diligence of the students .
Pray for new initiatives to expand our training into new Towns.
Additional Requests:
 1)  I am teaching a series of walk thru the Bible Old Testament seminars first two weeks of April.
pray that through this teaching series people will consider enrolling in Old Testament survey course.  
That commitments to the reading of the Bible will be made.
 2) We are commencing the New Testament survey course in a Town that has been rocked by gang violence and shooting and mayhem.
pray for the protection of the students who attend these classes at night. 
pray that this course will be used of God to produce eternal fruit in the lives of the participants.
3) We have a nephew who is having serious, major and a delicate surgery April 7.
Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery.
4) Easter services are attended by non-Church people.
pray for the preaching I am doing on Friday  15 & Sunday 17 April.
Thank you for your Prayer Support. 
Allan Knowles