Oct. 2021

Glenco Baptist Church.
How  are you doing in this pandemic. 
This week it was announced that S outh Africa  is officially out of the third wave. 
We have been told we can expect a fourth wave in November. 
We are well and healthy ,we are thankful to God for his health during this pandemic .  
Its been a tough year with covid affecting some of our students, some past students have died. 
Our winter was a wet and cold one.  While in we  are in our  Spring  season, its still cold. 
 We have been encouraged by the diligence and perserverance of our students. 
Its been a difficult year for ministry . The uncertainty of the covid restrictions, and the covid impact on society at large. 
The Lord has sustained us. 
As you pray , these are concerns and needs. 
( 1 ) For opportunities to be exposed to new Churches to recruit students. 
( 2 ) Covid has brought a a cautious approach by Churches . Some have a wait and see  what will happen after the  coming fourth wave. 
( 3 ) We seek to be careful , responsible and faithful stewards of the ministry to equip Church leaders. 
 Please pray for growth and expansion for our ministry.
 Thank you . 
Allan & Lorraine Knowles


May 2021

Glencoe Baptist.
Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for us. 
We are well. Not sure when the vaccine roll out for us will commence. The Gov is speaking about a possible third wave. 
We are busy making hay while the sun shines for now. We have 3 groups meeting in the study centers as we train leaders. 
We are very mindful of your prayers for us. 
We were awakened by the smell of fire early hours of saterday morning.
Our neighbour house was on fire. thugs broke into the house and then set it on fire. two rooms of that house was gutted. 
Our house and lives were spared. 
 last night on that same road where the house was set on fire , which is at the back of our house. persons who use a field on that street to hide and do crime set that field on fire. 
I am preaching on Sunday in a farming town. I have to use two different languages while I preach due to the congregation with different languages spoken .
Thank you for your prayers for us. 
Thank you for including our ministry with your missions giving in April. 
 Allan Knowles


March 2021

Glencoe Baptist
 I would ask for Prayer. 
We were due to commence a New Training class  11 March. 
On that day we had a major  electricity power cut and outage in that Town. 
It happened just before  the class starting  time. 
We had to cancel the class due to safety concerns for some students. 
We plan to commence thursday 16 March. We having same Power cuts l issues this week. 
Todate we on course to meet as a class. 
This uncertainty has an effect on the students attendance. 
Saturday 20 March. 
Teaching a  workshop on Basic discipleship.  Its aimed at helping lay leaders nurture new believers. 
This is also a testing of  the waters to find potential new students.
 The Town  we having the workshop in is a High Crime Area. 
Pray for good new exposure to Church leaders. 
Pray for the work of the Word of the Lord in those attending the workshop.
I am doing a 10 Min presentation in a church Sunday 21 March  with the view to test the waters for a  new class . 
There has not been much interest  or response to the Flyers given to the Church. 
Pray for the presentation to be effective and a tool to rouse and stirr leaders to consider that Bible  & theological training is an essential . 
Thank you. 
Allan K