May 2023

Glencoe Baptist.
Thank you for the ongoing financial & prayer support.
We are Now having 12 hours of daily power cuts. No Lights , limited internet access.
With our winter season soon to be upon us, its expected that we could go up to 16 Hours daily of no power.  
We continue with our teachng at night. It has challengers but the studnets have remained resilient. It is difficult to do sermon and teaching preparation with the power  off  early mornings and at night.
I am in the Country of Malawi   May 27 until 4 June.
Please pray for the preparation and delivery of four messages i must deliver to the Leaders at the conference…  
I only have this week and mostly at night to prepare these messages. 
Thank you for your prayer support.
Allan Knowles


April 2023

Preaching Sunday 23 & 30 April. 
its in a Church that is struggling to grow. 
Weekly teaching .
 New testament and theology at Night. We having power cuts 10-12 hours daily.
The Country of Malawi trip   May 27 – 4 June. 
African Leadership ministry.
pray for all the travel  provisions , health travel arrangments.
Future ministry decisions.
Wisdom for the ministry choices as we navigate our way around the chaotic schedule  of  daily power cuts.
Thank you for your financial & prayer support.
Allan Knowles


March 2023 Request

I would request your prayers Please.
I am doing a funeral service 6 April.  These good opportunities to proclaim Christ and the Gospel.
Please pray for the sermon preparation.  Our Power was off Last night. It was off when we woke up this morning. Its off again tonight. 
Pray for the preaching to Honor the Lord, to be used to be a source of deepening hope and comfort to the Family.
Pray for the Preaching to be an instrument in the salvation of People.
Thank you for the prayer support.
Allan Knowles
Glencoe Baptist.
May I please ask for your prayers.
I am meeting with a denominational church leader Wednesday. He is new in his office as denominational leader. He was given my name and wants to share his ministry vision. Pray for wisdom on my part.
Pray for the Lord to open doors to minister to him and his Church group.
thank you.
Allan Knowles



Feb 2023 Requests

Glencoe Baptist.

May I please ask for your prayers.

I am teaching a workshop 4 Feb.

Topic Street preaching evangelism.

I am doing it to help very zealous believers , who needs doctrinal content for their preaching.

I am doing it in a setting where English is not the first language of the audience.

Pray for clarity as I address the topic.

Pray that people will grow through this time of instruction.

Pray for the Lord to incite and infuse people with a desire to pursue the Biblical & Theological training we offer.

Thank you.

Allan Knowles
———Answers–to–Prayers- Feb——————————————————————
Glencoe Church.
Thank you for the prayers for the 4 Feb evangelism street preaching workshop.
The weather was hot, and it was brutal heat. The building has no AC.
40 people were present. The language barriers were overcome.
The teaching was well received and the possibility for more training in that Town is possible.
Thank you for praying. Do pray that out of these seminars will grow a core of 2 Tim 2 v 2 people. We want to invest in faithful leaders.
These Towns & Churches needs Bible teaching and training. Please Pray for doors to open.
Thank you.
Allan Knowles