It is over!  72 days of having electricity cut off everyday for half a day.  During our hot and dry reason in Cambodia, the government instituted rolling blackouts half of each day citywide, the government turned off the power for our area half of each day in order to save power.  So no lights, and worse—no fans It was totally miserable.  Our water was cut off sometimes too.  Because it’s the dry season the hydroelectric plants weren’t working—the rivers and dams were dry and had no water to make electricity.  We had a challenging time but survived.  We are now welcoming the raining season 🙂

Em and soccer leaders playing in the rain

For a while now, Sopheak has met regularly with soccer leaders for coaching, but recently Sopheak began a discovery Bible study with them. It has been great to see those boys learning and talking about God and wondering how they can have God’s grace. Please pray from them. We hope that they will fall in love with the Lord and have their lives changed because the Holy Spirit is in them. F gave the soccer leaders 3 days training about how to be a better leader by following Jesus’s way, encouraging them to make goals for their lives and a plan to make it happen. They can find accountability to check on their goals and plan each week, which is what Sopheak is doing right now with them. Some of them really seem to mean it and are trying to succeed in their plans.

Koth talking about his goals and plans

Sopheak made Khmer noodles at our house for everyone on the last training day


Both Sopheak and I continue teaching at Emanuel Community School, the school inside our community. I started giving training to the teachers, talking about the ways that Jesus uses to teach His people. It was great to see those teachers thinking about the ideas and learning about Jesus. Also, Soriya, our team leader’s daughter, started teaching English phonics at the after-school program, 2 hours per week.

The school has also started a church meeting Saturdays. Before, many students attended, but now those not interested have dropped off. Since the number of students attending this church has deceased, we talked to the school about breaking into small groups so teachers are able to focus better and have deeper relationship with students. This month Sopheak has started teaching one of these small group meetings for the oldest students. We are blessed to see our team get more involved with the school.

F and teachers from Emanuel Community School


Sopheak encouraging soccer leaders though cycling and talking about their plans. They love cycling almost as much as soccer. Our good friend, Ken Kong also joined them.