Requests From Allan Knowles – 2020


Glenco Baptist.
Thank you for your ongoing and faithful financial support.
I ask for your prayers.
lorraine has a niece who has a detached retina in the eye.
pray for the Doctor who will perform this procedure and for a good recovery.
She gets an injection in her eye on friday and then next week surgery.
Thank you.
allan knowles
Glenco Baptist.

Greetings from a scorching summer day. Its very hot.
I would ask for your prayers.
In pursuit of training church leaders ,I have approached an assembly that needs training.
There leaders need to be taught the Bible. Please pray for the Lord to open this door.
They are meeting on this sunday and have said they will consider my request to meet with them to explore our training.
Thank you for your diligence to pray for our ministry.
allan knowles
Glenco Baptist.
Blessing for 2020.
Thank you for being consistent and supportive ministry friends.
I write to please ask for your sustained prayers for our ministry.
WE desire to start a class to teach & equip Church leaders .
The Towns we seek to serve in are places where churches are Biblically weak , and most susceptible to false teaching.
The Town pf langa is one of the Towns we would like to do that ministry in.
We need the Lord to move the mountains and open the red sea to bring this ministry to a realization.
May I please ask for your prayers for this to happen.
We are looking for at least 10-12 students who are the 2 Tim 2 v2 people.
Thank you for praying with us.
allan Knowles