We are well. The cape is in the grip of winter and its been cold.

We have had some much needed & good rain this past week.

I preached in a town on 30 June where since January this year 40 people have been killed due to gang violence.

While we were in this service on sunday we heard reports of 3 more people being killed that morning.

I would ask for prayer for Opportunities to help weak Churches with preaching and teaching.

There are many weak pulpits with no basic Bible preaching.

I seek to be an instrument in the Hand of the Lord to help these Churches.

WE have a building we can use in Langa . There remains a need for The Theological training we offer church leaders.

We desperately need the Lord to intervene in the recruiting of new students.

We seek exposure to churches to promote this ministry . WE need people to bat for us in these Towns.

Please pray for us in these ventures.

Your prayers and support is appreciated and needed.

Thank you for the kind financial support sent to us in June.


Allan & Lorraine knowles