August 2020 Request

Glenco Baptist.
Greetings from a cold and rainy cape town day. We are thankful to be healthy as the virus spreads.
I am teaching in Lost City tonight, what a name for a community. Its a Church that has wonderful stories of the restoring grace of God in the lives of broken sinners. men & women who have come out of drug addiction ,gangsterism, and all sorts of crime. They are in the Bible training classes as we equip them to serve Christ in his Church.
Thank you for standing with us. Your support enriches there lives and strengthens the Church. Thank you for your gift sent in July..
I have a niece Hayley. she is married two years and has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray with us for her healing .thank you
allan K

June 2020 Request

Glenco Baptist Church.

We in our winter season and had our first snow hit a Town an hour drive from where we live. It has been extremely cold. Since most houses in our country is not heated its cold.
Thank you for standing with us in Cape Town. Your support is appreciated.

We still in a lock down. movements are less restrictive. infections in our city is high and it continues to rise sharply. The Predictions are that the worst is still to come by August.we are thankful to be well and healthy at this time . Churches have been allowed to resume services. there are Very Strict processes to follow.
Most Church have opted to not open there Buildings for services or meetings due to the high infection rates. There is caution , also anxiety and fear.
Pray for us to be wise and bold as we serve the Lord in this time. We have been able to reach out to some of our students. Its been a time to encourage them and provide pastoral counsel. We have had students infected with the virus. Thankfully they have recovered.
Thank you again for standing with us.
Allan & Lorraine Knowles

Urgent Request 5/5/20

Glencoe Baptist.

> Can I please ask for your Urgent prayers.
> We recieved  desperate ph call. It was from a distraught husband asking for help. There doctor seems to think His wife is heading for a nervous breakdown. It’s a desperate situation.
> With this lock down no one can visit her and spend time in conversation. It’s Cathy & Greg.
> Thank you for your prayer support.
> Allan k
Glencoe Baptist
we still in a lock down. Not sure what the next restrictive measures will be.
I am thinking and praying through the way to minister and start new classes given the uncertainty about how and when we will emerge from this pandemic.
This pandemic has cemented my belief and desire to be an equipping influence and instrument for Churches that needs help with the development of leaders Biblically & theologically Eph 4 v12.
The potency of this virus to claim lives , the disruption it brings to church life,when key leaders are infected and have to be isolated, this necessitates that Discipleship remains a priority in local churches.
How strong is the disciple bench for lay leaders to step up in view of this spreading virus.
Pray the Lord to awaken church leaders to the need to Biblically train leaders.
Pray for the Doors to open for us to train 2 Tim 2 v2 people. ( faithful , available, & teachable )
Pray for the Lord to Intervene.
In the past two days food trucks transporting food to stores being stoned & looted .
Those are the towns where we seek to help Churches.
As has happened in the past unless the police stops this ASAP this will spread to other towns.
Thank you for your standing with us.
Allan K.